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Folderly is an all-in-one email deliverability platform to supercharge your email performance. Locate, solve, prevent email deliverability pitfalls, and become a credible sender for any ESP provider.
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Leading technology that combines AI-powered automation and human approach
Your email deliverability pitfalls
Email deliverability related issues that prevent recipients from seeing your emails and drop your open and reply rates
Issues that affect your email performance
Domain infrastructure and mailboxes issues with AI-powered automation and the guidance of a dedicated email deliverability team
Flawless mailbox performance
Impeccable domain health, technical infrastructure, and ensure that your emails always get to the recipients’ Inboxes
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A team of dedicated experts is always ready to give you a helping hand
We are very responsible for each individual case, so we will do our best to enhance outcomes from your email marketing
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What our clients say about Folderly
  • This email software is the best thing anyone could think of. My emails actually get read and not end up in the spam folder. Keep on with the good work.
    Roman Sevast
    Founder & CEO
  • The one and only way to send marketing emails to the Inbox. Now our open and click-through rates are twice as high.
    David Cagigas
    CTO Founder at Edworking
  • The tool saves time and efforts for our email marketers. Workable way to increase email engagement.
    Aleksandra K
    Public Relations Specialist
  • Significant impact on the overall performance of email campaigns. This tool helps to ensure that all the efforts made on outreach are worths it.
    Oleg B
  • I love that Folderly continues to maintain my domain health month after month to ensure that my e-mails always land in the recipient inbox versus "junk"!
    Brian Hicks
    Sr. Sales Executive
  • The tool is automated and it's not time-consuming. We could see great improvements in our email campaigns since our deliverability issues were fixed.
    Vira S
    Public Relations Specialist
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